Information for Collectors

One Pound Robes StampUnderstanding the value and significance of a stamp, postmark, postcard or cover ( envelope) can be a difficult and technical job.

There are many factors which might be important in deciding value and collectability. For stamps these include the condition, watermark, perforation, paper type, shade, any flaws or errors. For stamps on cover ( envelope), the postmark might increase the value of the item many times, or perhaps the destination or markings on the envelope might be more important than the stamp itself
Apart from  Local Libraries which may have stamp catalogues available and the web, your local stamp club,or stamp dealer or the Australian Philatelic Federation may be able to offer advice about stamps and related items:

Local Stamp Clubs

If you become a member of a local club, members will often be happy to offer advice  and information. All Tasmanian clubs are very approachable so feel free to get in touch – contact information is available on the relevant page  here or on the club’s website. Your local stamp club or society will often have a wide range of catalogues and books available for members ( but usually members only). There are many very specialised publications and your local club may be able to advise you about what might be the most useful references.

Tasmanian Philatelic Clubs and Societies





Australian Philatelic Federation Brochures

The Australian Philatelic Federation  (APF) has a very useful series of Information brochures on the following topics:

The APF also provides very useful advice on Stamp Exhibitions and how to exhibit 

Tasmanian Stamp Dealers

The following stamp dealers will usually be happy to offer some advice regarding your holdings of stamps or postcards. They may also offer to buy material if it has some value. Valuation for insurance purposes usually require payment of a fee.

The Coin and Stamp Place

Trafalgar Shopping Centre, 110 Collins Street, Hobart TAS 7000
(03) 6224 3536

Tasmanian Stamp Auctions

Based in Hobart. Phone (03) 6234 4807

On-line resources

A google search will usually locate information on your topic but the following are particularly useful sites:


Tasmanian Philatelic Society on-line bulletin board – Ask a question about anything Tasmania.

Tasmanian Philatelic Society website information page– useful articles about various  aspects of Tasmanian stamps and postal history

Index of Tasmanian Post Offices – a guide to the location, openings, closings and postmarks of Tasmanian Post Offices

General on-line resources for collectors

Australian Philatelic Federation – Information on Exhibiting and Exhibitions, information for collectors

StampBoards – a large on-line community where just about any question will receive answers.